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Thursday 4pm - Sunday 2pm
August 8 - 11, 2024

Land of Medicine Buddha

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Custom Retreats

Julianne is now offering custom retreats. She can create one and design it specifically to meet your needs. Retreats for individuals, for couples, for friends and family, for special events, for your company or organization.

Photos, descriptions and testimonials

For more information about Julianne Rice and her additional offerings please visit her website at

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Past Retreats

Yoga Retreat 2022
August 26 - August 28 at Land of Medicine Buddha
with Julianne Rice, Calvin Darling and Cathy Hutton

Daily Yoga for Every Body
Guided Hikes in the Redwoods 
Great Company and Free Time
Contemplation and Meditation 
Deep Relaxation
Music under the Stars 
Swimming and Sauna
Mindfulness Practices
Time Alone and Time Together
Cozy Quarters and Delicious Vegetarian Food


The location of our retreat is the Land of Medicine Buddha. LMB is a Tibetan Buddhist community nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is just about an hour drive from Silicon Valley. It is an oasis of refuge, retreat and renewal for spiritual seekers, nature lovers and the global community.

Learn more about LMB here

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Retreat into the Heart –

A Full Day Yoga Retreat
Sunday, March 13, 2022

with Julianne Rice, Calvin Darling and Cathy Hutton

Our journey into the heart of nature spent time on our yoga mats and enjoying the company of friends. We looked into our hearts and revisited their desires. It was a time to take care of the “you” underneath all the busy-ness. The “you” that needs special time away from it all. The “you” that enjoys getting some space so you can unwind and reset.

Retreat into the Heart is a theme carried throughout our day and onto our mats. Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to care for the heart. The breathing practices, especially ujjayi (victorious breath) and alternate nostril breaths strengthen the heart/mind connection and as a result help to balance and steady the activity of the heart. The standing poses help to strengthen the heart. And the heart opening exercises help to relieve tension, improve circulation and lift our mood — relieving stress and settling the heart, literally and metaphorically.

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